Your website is our passion. We specialize in facelifting droopy websites and turning them into modern, professional, and superb designs.

Owner/ Lead Designer

Alex Sanchez is the owner and lead designer of DOTLABDESIGN. Mr. Sanchez first began developing his own law practice website,, in 2011.

As a young solo practitioner only 1.5 years removed from law school, Mr. Sanchez could not afford to pay a website design company to assist him with his site. So he folded up his sleeves and got to work learning how to create websites.

Now about 4 years later and thousands of hours in, he is ready to share his web design skills with like minded professionals. Similar to his law practice, Mr. Sanchez aims at providing affordable options for other professionals and small business owners.

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The building blocks for each of our projects are WordPress themes. Our very own site was developed on WordPress. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed!


  • Feature Rich
  • Affordable
  • Endless Customization
  • 25% of all sites online use WP

Small Business

We recognize that small business owners are the heart and soul of our country’s economy. We tailor our services to small business.


  • A la Carte
  • Low Flat Fees
  • Flexible Options


Mobile Ready

If your site is not mobile-ready then be prepared to go extinct. All of our designs work across devices of all shapes and sizes.


  • Desktops
  • Laptops
  • Mobile Phones

Our Core Values

We Drive Innovation

We believe in constantly improving. Innovation is the power to look at concepts in whole new ways. It means to build upon the intelligence of those that came before us and add to the legacy of change. If you are afraid to change you are doomed to fail.

We Pursue Excellence

Even if our clients are satisfied with a project we won’t stop looking at at ways to make the design even better. Excellence is not a word to throw around loosely. It takes hard work to live up to its potential. We don’t claim to be the smartest guys in the room, but we do aim to be the hardest working.

We Practice Honesty

We truly love what we do! This is more than just a business for us. This is our passion. We delight in bringing sites to life and will give you nothing short of an honest days work. If you are not completely satisfied we will find a way to make things right.

We Create Fun

Web design is both a science and art. But we enjoy the artistic side most. Image right sites are favored by leading search engines, so be prepared for us to create an abundance of customized imagery for your site!

Frequently Asked Questions

DOTLABDESIGN was born in 2015. But don’t let our youth full you. We are full of energy and exuberance and are ready to bring new life to your site!
Most sites can be up and running in 3 to 6 weeks. For more complex projects times may vary.

The needs of each project are different, so it is impossible to set flat rates for site builds.  For a free estimate, see our launch page.

Get started by launching a project. Fill out a quick form and we will be in touch with you shortly to discuss your needs.
Yes! We encourage all of our clients to regularly add content to their sites to keep information fresh and active. Even for clients who are on monthly maintenance plans, they are free to add content to their site as needed. We will even show you how it’s done.
Yes! Many of our clients don’t know exactly what they are looking for, they just know that their sites are outdated. In addition to referring you to our other projects for ideas, we encourage you to look online at competitors within your industry and even companies outside of your industry. If you like something you see chances are we will be able to replicate it with a customizable twist that fits your needs.